Game Bird Processor

In 2008 we were approached by our Customer who operates a Game bird processing plant and asked if we could develop an alternative to their current dry/wet plucking methods.  The current methods had several problems – firstly dry plucking produces fine particles which are a respiratory hazard and secondly wet plucking does not allow feather recovery as they are damaged and contaminated with fine particles.  After plucking, the by products were dumped into a large holding container that was manually emptied into plastic bags for disposal.  These processes created several problems with Health and Safety of the operatives, volumes of waste and disposal costs.

S+C  Engineering initiated a project to design an extraction and separation device that enabled feather seperation and recovery.  We experimented with cyclone extraction and developed the cyclone shape, the positioning of the cyclone inlet points and bag filter porosities to produce a no-loss feather recovery system that reduces the volume of waste by 85%, eliminates the risk of respiratory disease to the operator and allows the plucked feathers to be sold to 3rd parties to be used in the manufacture of pillows and bedding.